Sewing is a fantastic way to blow off some steam and create beautiful things that you can be proud to show off. Everyone starts out somewhere, which is why you first need to invest in a beginner sewing machine. This machine not only needs to be budget friendly, but it needs to offer basic stitches, proper attachments, and a motor that can get the job done. Before spending your money, have a look at online reviews. And here are some of the things you should be looking for:

Price: First and foremost, you need to establish a budget for your sewing machine. Since you’re a beginner, you don’t need a machine with all of the bells and whistles, so something on the lower end of the spectrum is more than sufficient. If you’re extremely strapped for cash, you may also consider looking at used machines from charity shops.

Number of stitches: Most people never really go beyond using the zigzag and the straight stitch, and this is especially the case if you’re a beginner. You may find a number of neat and funky stitches on a more expensive machine, but if you’re never going to use them, why spend the extra money?

sewing machine for beginners

Stitch length and width: Even if the machine is geared towards beginners, it’s best to choose something that allows you to change the width and the length of the stitches. It’ll make your life so much easier when you use the machine for projects.

Motor size: Most beginner sewing machines have small motors,which is okay if you’ll only be using it occasionally. If you’re hoping to do some heavy-duty sewing or even convert it into a business, it may make sense to choose a sewing machine with a fairly large motor.

Construction material: Singer was at some point one of the best manufacturers of sewing machines, but now, they mainly produce plastic machines that aren’t made to last. With that being said, a beginner can still get plenty of use out of a plastic sewing machine, so it offers just the right amount of stability for beginners.

Additional attachments: A higher end machine will come with several presser feet attachments to make it easier to sew buttonholes or make quilts with the proper quarter inch seam allowance. A beginner machine may only have one or two attachments which is acceptable as you’re just learning the ropes.

Ease of use: A computerized sewing machine with all of those high end features may seem like a fantastic investment, but it can also be confusing for beginners to use. Try a standard mechanical machine as not only is it great for beginner projects, but there are less buttons to push and fewer things that can go wrong.

Purchasing your first sewing machine may end up feeling like a right of passage, but it can also seem like a daunting task. Janome and Singer are two of the most recommended brands for beginners, so you may wish to give them a try!