What is the Janome DC2011?

The Janome DC2011 is a high quality computerized sewing machine. This sewing machine comes with a hard case cover, aluminum die cast frame, and the entireachines weighs approximately 18 pounds. This machine has a superior feed system and a 1/4th inch walking foot, has 50 built in stitches, as well as an extra high presser foot lift.
This particular type of sewing machine is 16.26 inches in width, 11.8 inches in height, and 7.2 inches in depth. This machine can be easily maneuvered or even carried with out it feeling awkward or being a struggle. This is an all around machine that will make all of your sewing projects hassle free and give you the speed, accuracy, and even the confidenced needed to do any project you set your mind to.

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This machine has all of the best qualities that a high end machine would have except, this machine goes above and beyond with even more features, at a cheaper cost.

What is in it for you?

Janome DC2011 Reviews
The Janome DC2011 takes sewing to an entirely new level. With all of its outstanding features, you are able to do projects that you would not be able to accomplish on any other sewing machines. With its 50 built in stitches, finding the exact one you need is a breeze.
Whether it is for quilting, scrap booking, garment sewing, home decor, embroidery, etc. Plus, the 50 stitch display is mounted right up.front and has easy to adjust controls. Furthermore, the needle can be moved up and down, as well as from the left or the right and has an adjustable speed control. No matter what stitch or what pace you need, you can achieve it with the Janome DC2011.
Plus, unlike most other sewing machines, the Janome DC2011 comes with an owner or user manual that is not only easy to understand but it also tells you everything you need to know about stitching, fabrics, and the machine controls and what everything does on it.


The Janome DC2011 has many wonderful features and benefits to it that, none of the competition even comes close to.
•    Built in LED screen that is very bright and has a large display. Not only does this help you see, no matter what lighting or environment your in, but it also has various different buttons so you can push in the stitch you need.
•    Equipped with reverse stitching feature
•    Feet can be easily snapped on and off by simply pressing a button
•    Has a speed control slider to control how fast or slow you sew
•    Has 50 stitches that also include stretch, quilting, utility, applique, and garment. which have all been displayed on to the face of the sewing machine.
•    With the Janome DC2011 you do not have to fight with the the threading of needles because it has a built in needle threader.
•    Has three different Buttonholes
•    Has 15 different types of needle positions ensuring that it can be in the right spot everytime. Both up and down as well as left and right positions.
•    It can not only sew thin and medium fabric but it can sew through thick fabrics with ease as well
•    Also has an extra high presser foot that allows you to have additional room to work with
•    Easy to read as well as understand owneranual to help get you familiarized with the machine and all of its features, so you can use it safely and properly.
Customer Reviews
Still unsure? Check out these customer reviews from actual customers who have purchased the Janome DC2011
” very useful when needing to stop and start stitching. Variety of stitches. I thought i would never use most of these stitches, but I have been pleasantly surprised by using the majority of them. Needle position button. You can move the needle to the left or right by small degrees at a time with many stitches. Very useful. I use it a lot for top stitching, while still being able to keep the fabric fully under the foot. This is my first computerized sewing machine. I was very nervous, as I know it is much more expensive to fix a computerized machine as compared to a mechanical. So far, I have had absolutely no problems with it. It has sewn smoothly and quietly. It tackles thicl fabric with ease.” From patternreview.com.
” Love this one! Great price for the accessories on the machine. Many of us sew occasionally, and forget which sewing machine foot we used. When the buttonhole came out perfectly. The appropriate foot for each stitch is written on the front of the machine for easy reference. Not only available on a pricey computerized system that overwhelms the seamstress with gadgets and buttons. Automatic 1 step buttonholes can be adjusted slightly for density and width depending on thread and thickness. Nice! Beautiful buttonholes! Comes with a hard case cover and a walking foot with a 1/4th inch foot. Fast stitching allows for speedy decorative stitches and quilting projects. Honestly, i do not feel like i want to run a machine faster than this. Superior feed system makes thos machine terrific for the beginner seamstress, Advanced seamstress. The machine is solid when you lift it. Not awkward weight to carry like some machines. This one has my vote all around.” From sewingmachinesplus.com
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Stop wasting your time with those confusing, bulky, and poor quality sewing machines. With the Janome DC2011 you will be able to do projects you could never do before, projects you have been dreaming of doing. This easy to use easy to understand sewing machine is the best machine to hit the sewing world in a long time.
So do not delay get you Janome DC2011 today and start your next project. It is not only great for beginners but it is also great for experienced seamstresses and all those in between.